04/12/2023 4:00 pm - 04/18/2023 11:45 pm Kington, JA

Carnival day is Sunday, April 16 in Kington, JA


Like many other islands in the Caribbean, Carnival has a deep meaning to the people of Jamaica whose carnival celebration is held just one week after Easter which can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25 annually. Many visitors go to Jamaica to be part of the festivities where they let loose and celebrate culture and freedom as part of an event that culminates with beautiful costumes, dancing, and a grand masquerade.

Carnival in Jamaica is about one thing, and one thing only… having the best time of your life! Jamaica Carnival is one of the ultimate parties to be found in the Caribbean, and over 100,000 visitors join the locals to celebrate Carnival in Jamaica. Jamaica Carnival represents an authentic expression of the island’s spirit.

Carnival celebrations in Jamaica started in the 1990s, thanks to a musician named Byron Lee. Byron Lee wanted to bring some of Trinidad’s (the birthplace of Caribbean carnival) celebrations to the island. Byron Lee’s band ‘Byron Lee and the Dragonaires’ is known for raising the profile of ska, calypso, and soca music in Jamaica. The roots of the carnival in Jamaica have to do with an ancient pagan festival in Egypt that was adopted by the Greeks, Romans, and later the Roman Catholic Church in Europe.

Although carnival celebrations in Jamaica traditionally kick off right after Easter, the island’s carnival calendar is in full swing long before; as early as January/February. Parties (fetes) including breakfast party events and j’ouvert (street parties) getting underway.

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