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Our daily fees start ay $50 a day. This does not include  fees for events or transportation services. This fee will be billed separately by invoice.



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Welcome to Bahamas Carnival 2023! We are excited that you have chosen to join us for an amazing experience. If you’re looking for the best on-island experience, look no further than Carnival Concierge by PlayMas.Today. Our team of experienced professionals will help make your trip unforgettable with our comprehensive services and support system designed especially for Bahamas Carnival attendees.

With round trip airport pickup, shuttle bus service, costume pick up/delivery and band liaison support we can ensure that all your needs are met throughout the weekend so you can focus on having a great time at carnival events without worrying about logistics or safety concerns. Additionally, we provide a list of trusted events where our staff will be present in order to provide assistance if needed during any part of the festivities – from pre-parties through post parades!

At PlayMas Today we take pride in providing excellent customer service as well as ensuring everyone has an enjoyable and safe time while attending Bahamian Carnivals like this one! Rest assured knowing that when it comes to making sure everything runs smoothly during your stay here – there’s no better choice than us: The ultimate concierge team ready serve all your needs while having fun along side with you at every step of the way so don’t hesitate reach out today get started planning perfect island adventure awaits!.

Contact us for a customized package crafted to your needs.

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We will need your Name, Email, phone number, arrival details, hotel info, band you are playing with and number of people in your party.

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